Thursday, April 05, 2007

Listener Feedback: The Islamist Version

This past Monday, Islamists in Nigeria vented their displeasure at a radio station that broadcast opinions they disagreed with by attacking the station. Middle East Times provides the details:

The protestors, armed with batons and knives, hurled stones at Freedom Radio for broadcasting at the weekend what they considered as conflicting views on the Eid Al Maloud, the Islamic festival marking the birthday of Prophet Mohammed, the radio production manager, Abdulrahman Nuraini, said.

"Policemen stationed within the premises of the radio prevented the protestors from gaining entry. But they made for the transmitter and set it ablaze," he said at the scene, littered with stones.

The radio allegedly gave airtime Saturday to an Islamic cleric whose views on Eid Al Maloud were believed by a group of Muslims to have cast doubt on whether it was right to mark the festival.

"We can read a political meaning into this action. The group came Sunday on a peaceful protest. We pacified them after they presented their letter of protest. Suddenly today [Monday] they came in their hundreds to destroy our radio station," he stated.

There was an attempt by unidentified persons two months ago to burn down the radio station, established in December 2003.


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