Monday, April 02, 2007

The Discussion That Will Not Die

Imagine my surprise when I followed Jack Stephens' link and discovered that over 80 comments have now been added to John Berry's original post.

Many thanks to Stephen Denney, Robert Lanxon, and others for being voices of reason and common sense in the comments. In particular, I appreciate Stephen's kind words about me and this blog, and his repeated yet futile efforts to explain to one John Buschman that I am not a pseudonymous blogger, and have not been since this blog's earliest days.

Actually, though, I think I may owe Mr. Buschman a debt of gratitude. I have long tried to think of a name for this blog that doesn't make me sound like a complete ubergeek. At long last, a viable alternative is at hand. I think "netherworld echo chamber" might be just the new blog name I'm looking for...


Anonymous Dances With Books said...

Or you can always use it (the name) to start a band.

9:27 AM  

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