Sunday, May 13, 2007

Imam Asked to Resign

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Fouad ElBayly, the Johnstown, PA, imam who recently said that Ayaan Hirsi Ali deserves death for her views, has been asked to resign:

ElBayly, who tried to block Hirsi Ali's campus appearance, said her attacks on the Muslim faith were "poisonous." He did not threaten her, but explained that "all of her lies" warrant a death sentence.

"The board and members of the Islamic Center of Johnstown were shocked and regret the comments made by Imam ElBayly regarding the visit of author Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali. The statements regarding the Islamic Center's reaction to her visit were incorrect, unfounded and not the views of its members," Dennis J. Stofko, the center's attorney, said in a letter to the Tribune-Review.

(Link courtesy of Jihad Watch)

The Islamic Center of Johnstown has made the right decision. If Don Imus can lose his job for saying something insulting about female basketball players, then ElBayly should certainly lose his after calling for someone to be killed just because of their ideas. It is important that American Muslims not allow the fanatical intolerance of people like ElBayly to take root in their community.


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