Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fictition Exposed

The Weekly Standard web site has a highly informative and entertaining review by Louis Wittig of the new documentary Manufacturing Dissent. The film in question is a thorough demolition of the work of Michael Moore, from two left of center Canadian filmmakers:

For Moore's detractors, Manufacturing Dissent offers a freezer full of red meat, although Caine and Melnyk don't dwell on it. Because while Moore may be a less-than-ideal human being, it is his work, not his character, which is uniquely repellant.

For instance, in one old interview featured in Manufacturing Dissent, the Canadian film critic David Gilmour asks Moore to respond to criticism that his 1995 comedy Canadian Bacon wasn't that funny. Instead of laughing it off, Moore glares at Gilmour and calls him a snob. When another film critic asks Moore about the honesty of his slick editing in Roger & Me, Moore accuses him of being a tool of GM. Caine recalls an interview with one of Moore's friends that didn't make the final cut. "He said 'Michael has an almost pathological need to be right. If you look at a lot of what he does in that light, it makes sense."

Again, I renew my (thoroughly hopeless) call for this film to be shown at ALA Annual, just as Fahrenheit 9/11 was.


Anonymous Art Deco said...

I would direct you to Prof. KC Johnson's blog, Durham in Wonderland. A 'pathological need to be right' might just describe several score members of the Duke University faculty; a clutch of reporters, editors, and commentators at the New York Times; and folks at the Pandagon blog.

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