Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Islamism in Nigeria Update

Middle East Times reports the latest on the imposition of Islamism in northern Nigeria:

Authorities in the most populous state in northern Nigeria have made it compulsory for pupils in all schools in the state to abide by an Islamic dress code.

"All private schools in the state are hereby directed to ensure their ... pupils observe the dress code in accordance with the tradition and beliefs of our people," Kano governor Ibrahim Shekarau said late Thursday in the state capital.

"This is in line with our resolve to bring about a positive change in the attitude of our students and to strengthen their morality," Shekarau told a large crowed of veiled schoolgirls.

"We do not expect any private school in this state to fail in this regard", Shekarau said without giving details about penalties.

State schools in Kano have been obliged to follow a Muslim dress code since 2003 when Shekarau was elected on the strength of his promise to implement a stricter version of the Islamic Sharia legal system.

Under the dress code school girls wear a kaftan and trousers or long skirts with a veil and boys wear a kaftan and trousers with a cap.


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