Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Words are treated as a crime today."

Courtesy once again of MEMRI, some thought-provoking comments from the Syrian poet Adonis about the lack of freedom in the Muslim Middle East. Here's a brief excerpt:

Adonis: "Words are treated as a crime today. Throughout history, there has never been anything similar to what's happening today in our Arab society - when you say a word, it is like committing a crime."

Interviewer: "True."

Adonis: "Words and opinions are treated as a crime. This is inconceivable."

Interviewer: "You can be arrested for writing an article."

Adonis: "That's one example."


"In the Koran itself, it says that Allah listened to his first enemy, Satan, and Satan refused to obey him. I believe that Allah was capable of wiping out Satan, yet He listened to Satan's refusal to obey Him.

"At the very least, we demand that Muslims today listen to people with different opinions."

(Emphasis added-DD)


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