Monday, December 11, 2006

"Celebrating" Human Rights in Cuba

The Associated Press reports on how Cuba celebrated International Human Rights Day:

Dozens of government supporters broke up a silent march by a small group of dissidents marking International Human Rights Day yesterday, roughing up participants and calling them "mercenaries" and "worms."

It was not immediately known if there were any injuries that required medical attention.

Organized by dissident physician Darcy Ferrer, the demonstration involving less than a dozen government opponents in a public park in Havana's Vedado neighborhood was interrupted as soon as it began by burly men who surrounded and shoved the marchers.

We have a dictatorship so paranoid that it can't tolerate a demonstration by a dozen people, yet there are still librarians who believe that the Castro regime doesn't repress intellectual freedom.


Anonymous professor ed said...

As one of our former Presidents might say: "It depends on how 'Intelectual freedom' is defined".

8:55 AM  
Anonymous contrarian librarian said...

Also on Human Rights Day, Iran started its Holocaust Denial Conference with keynote speaker David Duke. Not a peep about this from the radicals in the SRRT who claim they care so much about human rights. They probably agree with Duke's twisted view of "free speech."

Duke, a former Louisiana state representative, praised Ahmadinejad for his ''courage'' in holding a conference ''to offer free speech for the world's most repressed idea: Holocaust revisionism.''

11:52 AM  

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