Sunday, December 10, 2006

Denying Free Speech to Those who Defend it

I have been remiss in not linking to this New York Post op-ed by Matt Sanchez. As a Marine reservist and student at Columbia University, Sanchez has been subjected to the same climate of left-wing intolerance manifested during the October 4th speech by Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist. In fact, the individual who has taken the lead in harassing Mr. Sanchez, one Monique Dols, was also involved in the Minutemen incident. Here is how Sanchez describes his encounters with Ms. Dols:

Back on Activities Day, Dols didn't just lecture me on my stupidity in serving our nation; she also yelled that I was a baby killer. For a Marine, being called a killer is almost flattering - but for months Dols and her friends had been disrupting pretty much every event I attended.

Most famously, her crowd rushed the stage at another group's event, preventing the guest (from the border-enforcement advocates, the Minutemen) from delivering his remarks, and nearly causing a riot.

That day, Dols claimed to be protesting for the recognition of the humanity of illegal Hispanic immigrants. Yet somehow her concern doesn't apply to a citizen Hispanics proud to serve this country and eager to go to college.

And the Columbia administration seems to agree. Despite bringing national embarrassment to the university with her actions, she's gone completely unpunished.

The university has chalked it up to free speech. All points of view are welcome at Columbia, from Venezuelan presidents to voices from vaginas.

Unless you're in the military.

There is nothing more disgraceful than denying free expression to those who risk their lives to defend it.


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