Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Answering Some Questions

I've debated for a while now whether or not to answer this rather bizarre inquiry I've received repeatedly over the past week. I'm not really sure it's worth dignifying with a response, but here goes. My questioner asks the following:

Dave, can I have your assistance in some research I am conducting for a term paper? The hypothesis I am examining is that the Internet sites promoting fear and/or hatred of Arabs and Islam in the majority of cases are Jewish-run.

What makes the question particularly interesting (at least to me) is that the results seem to bridge the liberal/conservative divide. The "Islamo-fascist" theme that I am investigating is being promoted by spokesmen across the political spectrum -- from Bernard Lewis and Thomas Friedman on the left to Daniel Pipes and Charles Krauthammer on the right. All that these individuals have in common is their allegiance to Zionism.

Where do I begin? If by "promoting fear and/or hatred of Arabs and Islam" you mean I oppose a totalitarian political movement that has murdered hundred of thousands of Muslims, prevents many Muslims from practicing their faith, and censors those Muslims who oppose it through intimidation and murder, then I plead guilty. Of course, your interpretation of my views is nonsense. If this was 1936, no doubt you would be accusing me of spreading "fear and/or hatred of Germans and Germany" for speaking out against the threat posed by Nazism.

I have rarely if ever used the term "Islamo-fascism". I prefer Islamism or radical Islamism, as does the aforementioned Daniel Pipes. I would point out that even scholars who reject the idea of Islamism as a form of fascism, such as Walter Laqueur and Michael Burleigh, note that there are numerous similarities between the two phenomena.

As for the Jewish web conspiracy you posit, I'll address that after quoting your next paragraph:

Of course the name Durant seems to contradict the thesis. But on the other hand I also find what seems to be confirming evidence: virtually every post on your site seems to concern either Islam or Israel.

Let me see if I understand your thesis: In your view, only Jews put up web sites that discuss the threat of radical Islamism. Therefore, since I focus on the threat to intellectual freedom posed by that ideology, I must be Jewish. I'm thinking someone flunked logic class, and it's not me.

Actually, I am a proud supporter of the state of Israel. However, I don't actually post very much about that country. Unfortunately, I'm simply not giving my Zionist paymasters their money's worth in that regard.

The next paragraph, though, is even better:

So if you do not consider it too personal, I wonder if you would tell me whether you identify yourself as Jewish? This would enable me accurately tally this site in my study. I would be happy to share my statistical findings to date, if you are interested. Once I have gathered the data, in the next stage I hope to begin exploring the question of motivation.

I have a question of my own: Would you like me to state my answer directly, or should I just put a yellow star on my blog?

Anyway, I'm flattered that you think I'm Jewish, but I'm afraid I'm merely a token Goy. Now, let me tell you what I really think of your thesis: It is infantile at best, blatantly anti-Semitic at worst. There are numerous anti-Islamist web sites. The idea that all or most of them are run by Jews is idiotic. LGF, Watch, and Jihad Watch are just three examples of sites run by my fellow Goyim. Are most anti-Islamist sites pro-Israel? Of course. Just as I'm sure many sites devoted to exposing "Islamophobia" and/or appeasing the Islamists are run by people who hate Israel.

As for "exploring the question of motivation", let me save you some steps. Just over five years ago, there was this little incident involving aircraft and buildings and thousands of people dying. You may have heard of it. Anyway, you might be surprised to learn that this wasn't actually a series of accidents. Rather, the planes were hijacked and crashed on purpose, by members of an Islamist terror organization that had openly declared war on the US, and has since vowed to kill 4 million Americans. You might have been willing to write all this off as a really bad day, but some of us were affected a bit more deeply.

At least you thought to include one caveat:

(If you are a Rapturist, I apologize. I recognize that this is a possibility, but I have found that this group, while much discussed, has actually a very tiny presence on the Internet, particularly when compared to the Jewish Zionists.)

Rapturist?? Rapturist??? You've got to be freaking kidding me.

In conclusion, I hope that you've come away from this having learned that there are indeed people who are neither Jewish nor "Rapturists" who are concerned about the threat of radical Islamism and support Israel. Trying to teach you much more than that would require an investment of time and energy that I'm simply not willing to spend.


Anonymous Contrarian Librarian said...

Right on Dave! Keep on blogging. I have learned a lot from your blog about radical Muslims and the threat they pose to the free world.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous David said...

Thanks for your response. I was beginning to think you were avoiding the question. I have tallied this site as not Jewish and not Dispensationalist, which I hope is correct (as you were a little cryptic).

So far, of 132 sites promoting a fear of Islam which I have examined, 68% are Jewish-run. Breaking the results down: for those sites with a right-wing political perspective the number is 63%, and for those with a left-wing perspective it is 84%.

2:44 PM  

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