Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Human Face on Zimbabwe's Suffering

In a brilliant piece for the Weekly Standard, James Kirchik puts a human face on the suffering of Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe by profiling three of the regime's victims:

Many wonder why Zimbabwe has not experienced an armed revolt under Mugabe. One hears the complaint, especially among blacks in the region, that Zimbabwean blacks are too docile, too kind, too respectful of authority for their own good. "The people are resigned," a Zimbabwean journalist told me. But there are other reasons a coup--at least a coup emanating from the military or security forces--is unlikely. One is the lingering awe for Mugabe as liberation leader that some still no doubt feel. The most acute reason, however, is that any dissent within the security forces, even from low-ranking officers, is met with a strong show of force.

Meet Mugabe's Victims


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