Sunday, December 17, 2006

Earning My Pay

It's time to earn my pay as a member of the neocon Zionist cabal by blogging about Israel:

-At Harry's Place, David T. calls for the destruction of the "Zionist Entity" to be followed up by the demise of the "Hellenist Entity". Yes, it's satire, and it shows the absurdity of singling out Israel for its real or alleged abuses.

-At National Review Online, Dr. Victor Davis Hanson explores the real reason for the Arab world's obsession with Israel. Considering that regimes such as Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Sudan's Islamist dictatorship have committed far worse crimes against Arabs and Muslims than anything Israel has done, it's not about human rights:

The surprise is no longer that the cretin Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for the destruction of Israel, but only that his serial threats have still not become banal. In any language, there can be only so many synonyms and idioms for “wipe-out” and “vanish,” yet Ahmadinejad always finds some fresh way to express his fundamental desire.

In Washington, realists are back, and they have a point: Israel really does remain at the heart of the furor of the Middle East — just not in the way they suppose.

It is not “stolen” land, or “Zionist” killings, or Jewish “aggression” that gnaws at the Arab Street. And the solution is therefore not to be found in short-term Israeli land-concessions, but only in the now caricatured and apparently waning policy of supporting democratic reform inside the Middle East.


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