Thursday, June 08, 2006

"May he rot in hell"

As you would expect, today has been a rather happy one here at Ft. Huachuca, with the elimination of Al Qaeda in Iraq's "Emir", Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi's record of barbarism is nicely summarized by Dan Darling at the Weekly Standard web site. See also the analyses previously done by Dan and others at Winds of Change, and this good roundup from the Council on Foreign Relations.

I have blogged frequently about Zarqawi and al-Qaeda's murderous campaign to prevent the creation of a pluralist, democratic Iraq. Suffice it to say, it is one of the main reasons why I am now a North Carolina National Guardsman. The final word, however, should belong to Mr. Paul Bigley, an Englishman whose brother was murdered by Zarqawi in Iraq:

"The man was an animal, and he deserved what he got, and may he rot in hell," Paul Bigley told Channel Four Television in the United Kingdom today. "So he thinks he's going to paradise? I'm convinced the man is in hell."


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