Monday, May 22, 2006

More from Scott Savage

Courtesy of LIS News, here is a letter Scott Savage wrote to the Columbus Dispatch, debunking the continued efforts of one of his accusers to defend the indefensible:

I’m starting to feel like the cleanup crew that follows the horses in the parade. I trudge along behind history professor Christopher Phelps as he parades from forum to forum, and I shovel up the humbug he leaves behind concerning my treatment at Ohio State University-Mansfield for suggesting conservative books in a committee ("Newspaper off base in criticism of harassment reports," letter, last Saturday.) I thank God the events of this case have been meticulously documented in e-mails and faculty meeting transcripts, all of which are in the public record.

Phelps says the faculty "decided not to request an investigation as a body," in response to my suggesting a book, The Marketing of Evil, as a title for the campuswide first-year-reading experience. He claimed that the complaint wasn’t even about sexual harassment. In fact, during the public faculty meeting on March 13, even after being warned by the campus dean that it would violate my rights to even discuss the accusations, faculty members repeatedly accused me of "sexual harassment" because of the book suggestion.

Please read it all.


Blogger nyomythus said...

I'm considering addressing this incident at the next "Banned Books Week" at the libray where I work [am I insane -- what will that do to Faculty Outreach. Though, of course, I would like more information on the story.

Thanks for this post.

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