Sunday, February 06, 2005

Not a Promising Development

As a huge supporter of the Bush Administration's policy of fostering democratic development in the Arab world, I have to say that I am disappointed by the following news:

Saudi Arabia is hosting a major anti-terrorism conference this weekend, and delegations from over 50 countries, including the US, are in attendance. Unfortunately, the list of attendees also includes Iran, Syria, and Sudan, all three of which are officially listed by the US government as state sponsors of terrorism. Even more absurdly, one country which was distinctly not invited was a certain Mideast country that is a regular target of terrorism. That's right, as Power Line aptly put it, there are "no Jews allowed" at this conference.

It is certainly good news that the Saudis are finally starting to come to terms with the major role that their extreme Wahhabist ideology has played in the growth of jihadist terrorism. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is a key element of that ideology. By refusing to confront the Saudi regime over its official propagation of anti-Semitism, we allow them to avoid facing the full consequences of their ideology of hatred. Our attendance also sends the implicit message that we accept the widespread Arab notion that terrorism is okay when it's directed at Israel. This is unacceptable, and makes a mockery of the Bush Doctrine. As important as it is to work with the Saudis in combating terrorism, we should have refused to attend this conference.

(Story courtesy of Power Line)


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