Tuesday, February 01, 2005

GI Joe Held Hostage: Day One

In a desperate attempt to regain the initiative after Sunday's hugely successful elections, terrorists in Iraq released a videotape today showing an "American soldier" they claim to be holding hostage. Unfortunately for the heroic sons of jihad, close examination of the "soldier" has revealed it to be a children's action figure.

Instapundit, as usual, has a great roundup of blogger reactions. I particularly enjoyed the comments of Husayn at Democracy in Iraq:

Is there any better indicator of how pathetic, how weak, and how threatened they feel that they have to resort to this low-grade fake attempt at producing another set of pictures? Im sure many Iraqis will have a good laugh at this one when they hear about it. These same people declare war on our democracy, and now they are taking pictures of childrens toys.

Next thing you know, the bastards will threaten to behead Barbie.


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