Monday, February 28, 2005

'Delightful for Its Ordinariness'

Arthur Chrenkoff has produced another of his invaluable biweekly updates on Iraq. In the wake of events such as today's horrific terrorist attack in Hilla, it's important to realize that progress continues, especially since January's historic elections:

That so many people, and not just the Sunni sheikhs, now want the piece of the Iraqi action perhaps tells us more about the true situation and future prospects in Iraq than most current news reports. That the waiting room of the Middle Eastern maternity ward is getting increasingly crowded with paternity claimants is a good, if indirect, sign that things in Iraq may be going better than one would think based on the mainstream media coverage. Below, some good news and positive developments in Iraq that you might have missed over the past two weeks.

'Delightful for Its Ordinariness'
(also available at Chrenkoff)


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