Thursday, October 14, 2004

Taking the Global Test

Yes, you too can take John Kerry's Global Test, just by clicking on the link below. I've taken it myself, and passed. At the risk of violating academic integrity, here's a hint: think "colonies":

Global Test

On a serious note, Tom Maguire at Just One Minute had two excellent posts analyzing what Kerry meant when he uttered the now infamous phrase:

I Didn't See This Question On Kerry's Global Test

We Can't Get Enough Of The Global Test!

Tom's second post is particularly telling. If Kerry's "global test" comment can be as easily explained away as many Kerry supporters claim, then why can't they even agree on a standard interpretation? Personally, I think a relaxed, confident Kerry simply said what he believes. As Maguire points out, the statement makes perfect sense in light of Kerry's public record through the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The "global test" is a perfect illustration of John Kerry's instinctive aversion to the use of American power under anything but the most extreme circumstances. Unfortunately, Kerry doesn't seem to realize that using American power sooner might prevent such circumstances from arising.


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