Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Moral Depravity Revealed

Apparently, not everyone shares the sadness of myself and most Americans over yesterday's losses in Fallujah. At least not if you judge by this nauseating piece of "fan mail" Instapundit received:

Here's an email I got from one Daniel Burosh, who opposes the war, in connection with a recent bombing in Iraq:

I Guess the baby soldier body parts flew just EVERYWHERE! Imagine the game:

"Look Abdul, I found an arm!"

"Here's a couple of ears!"

"Gee, Mustafa. I think a found a scrotum, and the ball are still inside!"


Hoo-ray! 985 and counting... When it hits 1000, my friends and I are going to PAR-TAY!

I get a steady flow of emails along these lines. Rooting for American soldiers to die strikes me as a poor strategy for the anti-Bush forces.

Yes, "dissent" may be patriotic, but reveling in the deaths of American soldiers is utterly obscene and beyond the pale. There simply is no other printable term that adequately describes the depravity of the sentiments expressed by Burosh. The only reason that garbage like Burosh and his "friends" have the freedom to utter such revolting sentiments is because brave American men and women have given their lives in battle. I would like nothing more than to see Burosh and his buddies transported to the environs of Fallujah, where they can tell the Marines face to face how much they enjoyed the news of their comrades death. Or better yet, perhaps they could meet that delightful freedom fighter Abu Musab al-Zarqawi instead, and find out that he hates their infidel asses just as much as he does the rest of us. Either way, I think I would definitely PAR-TAY in response. To borrow one of Instapundit's favorite lines, people like Burosh aren't "anti-war", they're just on the other side.

Update: On further reflection, I fear that I allowed my rage and disgust at seeing the sentiments voiced by Burosh to get the better of me and lower myself to his level. I would not wish a meeting with Zarqawi on anyone, and have no desire to see Burosh and his ilk come to harm, no matter how vile the opinions they express. I apologize for implying otherwise.


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