Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Bush Speech: Initial Reactions

-Really, this was a tale of two speeches. The first half was Compassionate Conservatism Redux, a laundry list of domestic priorities building on what the Bush Administration has already done. Not the most exciting material, but a necessary task, especially to provide an alternative to the relatively vague Kerry/Edwards proposals.

-The second half was the meat of the speech, a moving and powerful presentation of the president's "Forward Strategy of Freedom". Once again this contrasts with Kerry's contradictory rhetoric and empty cliches about "rebuilding alliances". Bush did this while coming across as humble and principled. Especially powerful was his description of meeting the families of fallen soldiers.

-Overall, a very good speech, if not great. Bush did what he needed to do to help himself. I don't know how much of a poll bounce he'll get, but he definitely continued his campaign's positive momentum.


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