Thursday, July 03, 2008

Antioch College Closes its Doors

I have blogged previously about the sad case of Antioch College. This once outstanding liberal arts college has devolved since the 1960s from a bastion of free inquiry to an ideological "boot camp" of radical left orthodoxy, extreme even by the standards of contemporary academia. As a result, the college shed both students and faculty until only a few hundred true believers remained. This process of ideological self-selection has proven inadequate to the task of preserving Antioch as a viable institution.

In a post last week at Minding the Campus, Charlotte Allen confirmed the inevitable: Antioch has officially "shut its doors and laid off the last of its faculty members".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which radical left orthodoxy are we talking about here- the libertarian, the fascist, or the green? It wasn't a pseudo Darwinian cultural drive that killed antioch, it was financial/structural mismanagement and some members of the board of trustees who were less than keen on the school. It's been an interesting case study in mass media opperation/bias to watch how the whole story has been packed into the "failure of the liberal left" narrative.

3:35 PM  
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