Thursday, June 26, 2008

Absence Explained

Sorry for the lack of recent posting. I've just been busy with other responsibilities, which explains why I'm giving this up in a few days. To make up for my absence, I will throw in a few days of free bonus blogging. Posting will now continue through July 5.


Blogger said...

Good. Then please comment on an ALA Councilor's attack on our American military:

American Troops Defamed by ALA Councilor Peter McDonald

Be sure to read the comments too to see how he pursues the attack.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 5 years of struggle to try and get the ALA elites to take the side of liberty and free speech in Cuba, a resolution that was set to be voted on was trashed. Yet again.

It is fitting that as Dave, the Heretic, ends his fantastic blog, the ALA has proved yet again, at least on this point, that they are incapable of rational reform.

It is far better to contemplate that it is citizens like David who are guarding our liberties, which include the liberty to be total political morons, which various ALA Councilors are experts in.

The ALA can keep yapp'n away....sadly, nobody takes it to mind too seriously, except the same special interest groups whose main activity is to incestuously quote from and promote each other's press releases, as though they really had something important to add to American political debate.

It is Patriots who ACT that make the difference, not whiners who think the Patriot Act is totalitarian.

Yo, Dave. If you have to use those arms tha
t you bear well, then aim well and godspeed.

Walter S.

8:26 PM  

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