Saturday, April 05, 2008

Manji on Fitna

Irshad Manji has posted an interesting review of Fitna at the Washington Post web site. Here is a brief preview:

"Fitna," the Arabic word for "social strife," is being trumpeted as a provocative manifesto with the potential to create yet more strife in the cosmic confrontation between Islam and the West.

I have watched it. Others should too, not because it is compelling but because, in its utter predictability, the film reminds us why freedom of expression is worth defending. To remain powerful, freedom demands creativity -- the very creativity that Fitna lacks.

Anti-Muslim Film Boorish and Boring


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islam teaches and demonstrates that human dignity is not above Islam and therefore this is why Muslims are prone to violence and killing. Islam is prone to great human evil in the name of their religion, because human beings are just fodder for greatness of their god Allah.

Human dignity and reason are below obedience to Allah. This is why Islam is an enemy of true humanity. For Christians, to worship the Holy Trinity, one must hold reason and human dignity in high regard.

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