Friday, April 27, 2007

"Progressive" Librarian Tolerance Watch

Unfortunately, Greg McClay seems to be making little headway in his justified attempt to bring the ridiculous election antics of SRRT to ALA's attention. What he has gotten are responses such as this:

These people are whackos and should be treated as such. They make a mockery out of conservatism. If they want a war, I say let’s give it to them. I have no reservations about punching these [bleeped] in the face. Remember that these are the kind of people who still suport Bush, who support his wars, who listen to Limbaugh and watch Fox News, and who otherwise give the human species a bad name.

Neo-fascists should have no free speech. They deserve the business end of a baseball bat.

Greg says that he might need to invest in a baseball helmet for ALA Annual. Believe it or not, I'm going there as well (as a non-member of course). Sounds like my Army combatives training might come in handy after all.

BTW, the next time John Berry wants to complain about why some people in this profession choose pseudonymity when expressing conservative views, he need only look at the message quoted above.


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