Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Socially Responsible?

Greg McClay is currently on the ballot for ALA Council. He is also a member of ALA's Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT). Considering that SRRT is the political plaything of the radical left, let's just say that Greg's views are not exactly the norm within that body. Still, when SRRT sent out a list of all its members running for ALA council, Greg's name was left off. When he inquired as to why, Elaine Harger replied as follows:

Your name is not included because I could not in good conscience play any role in votes being cast for you by anyone who is unaware of your hostility toward everything that SRRT stands for. The other name left off the list was my own, because I also could not in good conscience accrue any possible votes myself while depriving someone else (even you) of the same.

(Emphasis added-DD)

You can see the actual leaflet here, along with some classic "progressive" reactions. Keep in mind that this was an informational list, paid for with ALA funds, and not an endorsement of those candidates listed. Yet because Greg refuses to conform to the radical left interpretation of "social responsibility", Ms. Harger decided to leave his name off the list.

Stuff like this, as silly and petty as it is, helps explain why I'll be saving another $155 in ALA membership fees this year.


Anonymous Cheryl Campbell said...

It's amazing how those who prattle about open access to info like to cut out those with whom they disagree. I am a library student,due to graduate this summer, and I will not join ALA. They are just too far left.

2:11 AM  
Anonymous dianemadeline said...

I read the Library Bill of Rights last night as a review of library philosophy before taking an exam. This SRRT business flies in the face of the very philosophy ALA espouses for its patrons.

My school system expects me to be a part of the greater library community. I joined for a year for appearances and now know I will not be renewing.

2:07 PM  

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