Friday, February 09, 2007

Miscellaneous Library Links

Here a couple brief but interesting items related to libraries that I've come across recently:

-Ms. Iyna Bort Caruso makes a startling admission in the Christian Science Monitor:

It's Saturday morning, and I'm standing under a thick, damp sky waiting for the doors to open. If only it was something as practical as, say, a Macy's shoe sale. But here I am, alone, waiting for the doors to open – to the library.

Librarius nerdus. I am a library nerd.

-While I was looking for news about Real Salt Lake's success in getting a soccer stadium approved, I came across this item in the Salt Lake Tribune:

Salt Lake City's Main Library has been ranked as one of the nation's favorite buildings.

In a poll commissioned by the American Institute of Architects, the library was ranked 69th out of 150.

"This is wonderful," Library Director Nancy Tessman said Thursday.


Blogger Angel, librarian and educator said...

The "library junkie" story was a nice little report. Thanks for the pointer. I haven't worn out my library card, but I am working on it. Best, and keep on blogging.

1:42 PM  

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