Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Grand Reopening: Coming Soon

As I enjoy my first Internet access in 10 weeks, just thought I would post a brief update. Hockey player Ted Donato once described his graduation from Harvard as the "Miracle Off Ice". If I were more creative, I would try to coin a similar phrase in regards to my successful completion of Basic Combat Training. I graduate officially on Friday, and will gleefully depart Ft. Leonard Wood, MO for the much sunnier climes of the US Army Intelligence School at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. There, I will have regular Internet access and some degree of actual free time. So, look for some sort of regular blogging to resume in the next few days. Please keep checking back.

Before anyone asks, yes, I do have Basic Training stories to share, and I will do so over the coming weeks. In the meantime, I will simply say that Basic Training isn't quite what it used to be. This article from the February 15th Wall Street Journal is not 100% reflective of my experiences, but it does make some good points.

This is not to say that I found BCT to be easy; far from it. There were days in fact when I really did question what I was doing there. My combat skills and appearance are undoubtedly reminiscent of Michael Dukakis driving the tank. Still, I somehow managed to will my way through it, and look forward eagerly to intel school.

To the privates, officers, NCOs, and yes, even drill sergeants of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment (Tomahawks), thank you for all your help in allowing me to accomplish what I feared I couldn't.