Sunday, May 15, 2005

Strange Bedfellows

Just two days ago, I wrote about how the War on Islamist Terror has united parts of the left and the right in support of democracy and against Islamist totalitarianism. Unfortunately, it has produced the same effect among opponents of the West's efforts to defeat the jihadists. As Steven Zak pointed out in a May 12th piece for Frontpage Magazine, the "anti-war" arguments used by left-wing and right-wing extremists are virtually identical:

How much difference is there, really, between the far-Left, the far-Right, and overt white supremacists? How do the public stances of Michael Moore, Pat Buchanan, and David Duke compare? Proponents of both extreme views now think and sound so much alike, they sound like soulmates. Somehow these fringe characters have moved so far around the edges that they have arrived at the same territory, spouting identical positions in copycat rhetoric on such issues as Iraq, the broader War on Terror, and the Jewish state of Israel.

Their own words are the best evidence. Take their view of America's war against terrorists and Islamic fascism. The two camps, if they can even be distinguished as such, are rabidly antiwar in precisely the same, delusional fashion:

The Old Right/New Left/Neo-Nazi Alliance


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