Saturday, April 16, 2005

Truly Obscene Behavior

No, I'm not referring to a "wardrobe malfunction" or bad language. Obscene is simply the best word I can think of to describe this disgusting display of moral bankruptcy. Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General turned anti-American crank, is upset about the treatment of his current client, who just happens to be one of the worst mass murderers of the late 20th century:

Saddam Hussein's human rights are being violated at "every moment" and he probably will not get a fair trial after being "demonized" by the United States, his attorney, a former US attorney general, said.

Ramsey Clark, who served as attorney general under president Lyndon Johnson in the late 1960s, defended in a television interview his decision to represent Saddam at his trial in Iraq.

His human rights are violated every moment," Clark told MSNBC's "The Abrams Report."

"He has not seen a lawyer; he has not seen his family. He's kept completely incommunicado. And it's imperative that you in a crisis like this and cases of most importance that you fight hardest for human rights," Clark said.

On the same day that Clark made his plea on behalf of poor Saddam came word that two more of the dictator's voluminous number of mass graves have been discovered. Perhaps Mr. Clark would like to inquire about the human rights of the people who ended up in those graves, or ask their families whether they think his client has been "demonized".

Yes, Saddam deserves a fair trial. This is essential to building a new democratic Iraq based on the rule of law. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Hussein has already received far more consideration than he gave to any of his hundreds of thousands of victims. For Ramsey Clark to cry about the alleged horrible injustices inflicted on his monster of a client is the very definition of obscenity.


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