Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Associated Press reported last Friday that Fidel Castro accused George W. Bush of "hypocrisy" for attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II:

Cuban President Fidel Castro criticized President Bush's attendance at Pope John Paul II's funeral Friday as "hypocrisy" because of the pontiff's opposition to the war in Iraq, and he downplayed the pope's role in toppling communism in the former Soviet bloc.

U.S. officials "went to cry in the presence of John Paul II, who was so against war, who so condemned the world order imposed by that empire (the United States), who so condemned consumerism," Castro said in his speech Thursday. "How far will hypocrisy go in this world? In my opinion it's an insult to John Paul II's memory."

Personally, I'm thinking that an aging communist despot trying to exploit the memory of a resolutely anti-communist Pope has no business lecturing anyone about "hypocrisy". Of course, the "Maximum Leader" has never let logic or morality stop him before.


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