Monday, April 25, 2005

Iraq: 'The Air of Freedom'

Time again for Arthur Chrenkoff's biweekly Iraq "good news" update. Much has been made in the media of the recent upsurge in terrorist attacks in that country, and the political haggling that has delayed the creation of a new government. Yes, these are causes for concern. Iraq clearly has a long way to go. Yet as Arthur shows in ample detail, progress continues. It may not be as quick or easy as we would like, but things are moving forward. As they showed the world on January 30, most Iraqis are committed to building a better life for themselves and their children, in a decent, democratic society. The Baathists and Wahhabists have nothing to offer the Iraqi people but a return to Islamist totalitarianism, to the days of mass graves and torture chambers. That is why the terrorists, for all their ability to murder people and destroy things, have no hope of ultimately winning.

'The Air of Freedom'
(also available via Chrenkoff)


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