Friday, April 22, 2005

More on Bolton

There is a new blog that makes the case for approving John Bolton's nomination as UN Ambassador:

Confirm Bolton

In a piece for National Review Online Rich Lowry ably debunks most of the charges against Mr. Bolton. See his posts on The Corner for more details.

Finally, Senator John McCain has come out strongly in support of Bolton's nomination. The following paragragh is worth quoting:

"If temper and unorthodox management style were a disqualifier for government service, I would bet a lot of people in Washington would be out of jobs. It’s worth wondering not whether he is a mild, a genteel diplomat, we know he is not. But rather whether it is a representative we need at the United Nations. We need an ambassador who truly knows the U.N. We need an ambassador who is willing to shake up an organization that requires serious reform."

If a combination of partisan Democrats and spineless Republicans succeed in derailing the Bolton nomination, it will demonstrate once and for all that petty political concerns are considered more important than meaningful reform of the cesspool known as the United Nations.


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