Saturday, March 05, 2005

Fixing the NHL

At the Weekly Standard web site, Duncan Currie lays out three things that the National Hockey League must do to improve the state of the game, once the current lockout ends (if ever):

Even prior to its junked season, pro hockey was in trouble. Scoring had hit record lows. Teams were hemorrhaging cash left and right. Ratings for the 2004 Stanley Cup finals were abysmal. And the most memorable moment of the '03-'04 season came when one player (Vancouver's Todd Bertuzzi) nearly killed another (Colorado's Steve Moore) on skates.

So even if the players and owners reconcile and '05-'06 goes off without a hitch, the NHL needs a good shakeup. Here are three ways the league could reform:


As a disillusioned NHL fan, I know exactly where Currie is coming from, and agree wholeheartedly with his proposals. If you're a hockey fan, you should definitely read it all.


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