Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Filing for Moral Bankruptcy

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has steadily migrated towards the lunatic fringe over the last several decades. Now, he has officially stepped over the precipice:

One of America's most renowned human rights lawyers has astonished even close friends and supporters by taking on Saddam Hussein as a client and describing the former Iraqi dictator as "reserved, quiet, thoughtful and dignified".

While most of the world regards Saddam as a brutal dictator who gassed entire villages, launched wars that cost millions of lives and murdered thousands of political opponents, Ramsey Clark, a former US Attorney General, said he had been unfairly "demonised" by his captors.

(link courtesy of Little Green Footballs)

A "dignified" Saddam, unfairly "demonized". Perhaps Mr. Clark would like to visit the people of Halabja, and solicit their reactions to his comments. There is nothing else I can say in response except to post the following link, and beg you to view what this "dignified" man has wrought:

Iraq's Mass Graves


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