Monday, January 17, 2005

Iraq: "The Case for Boredom"

Arthur Chrenkoff has produced yet another of his biweekly Iraq progress reports. As he explains:

Contrary to some critics, the intention has never been to whitewash the situation in Iraq or to downplay the negative. The violence, bloodshed, disappointments and frustrations are all there for everyone to see and read about in the "mainstream" media on a daily basis. Pointing out positive developments is not to deny the bad news, merely to provide a more complete picture. As voters faced with the defining foreign policy issue of the new millennium, we owe it to ourselves to be fully informed about the state of affairs in Iraq--and that means rebuilt hospitals as well as car bombs.

What follows is not the full picture of Iraq--merely that part of it you don't often see on the nightly news or the pages of newspapers.

The Case for Boredom
(also available via Chrenkoff)


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