Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Michael Moore of Academia

Long before anyone heard of Michael Moore, there was Noam Chomsky. A linguistics professor at MIT, Chomsky's jargon laden Anti-American polemics have cluttered bookstore shelves for several decades, and have been mandatory reading for most leftists. Fortunately, the blog Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite does a good job of debunking Chomsky, and additional help is now on the way.
A new book, The Anti-Chomsky Reader, promises to provide the resources and arguments necessary to refute the Chomskyites. Clara Magram of National Review Online offers a preview
Chomsky has become one of the all-stars of the radical Left because he embodies that distinct vitriolic passion, the paranoia of the self-hating Westerner. He reserves his criticism mainly for America and Israel. The Middle East might achieve peace, he tells us, if not for Israel's commitment to "Jewish dominance throughout the region"; he references the "genocidal texts of the Bible" as sources of this Zionist drive for imperial rule. It's not too surprising that neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers are among his supporters.

His approach to current events is rife with bias and distortion. After 9/11, for example, he asked: "Why did [the terrorists] turn against the United States? Well, that had to do with what they call the U.S. invasion of Saudi Arabia.... That's the home of the holiest sites of Islam." Never mind that the Saudis welcomed U.S. aid in defending against Saddam Hussein's 1990 aggression. Chomsky also avoids mentioning the homicidal intent articulated by America's Islamist enemies. His recommendation to America for ending global terrorism: "Stop participating in it."
Since the 1960s, when he parroted Vietcong propaganda and ignored mass executions, Chomsky's star has continued to rise. Supporters of a freedom-based global order must contend with this intellectual spinmeister for hearts and minds around the globe. The Anti-Chomsky Reader performs a service to the whole world, by exposing Chomsky as one of the most damaging charlatans ever to ride the wave of campus adulation.
I fully expect to be adding this book to my collection.


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