Friday, January 25, 2008

A Petition for Cuban Dissidents

Barbara Dillon Hillas, an American blogger living in Poland, reports that Lech Walesa and several other prominent individuals have organized a petition drive on behalf of Cuba's imprisoned dissidents. Here is the text of the petition in English:

We are appealing to the Cuban government to free all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Cuba. Their continued imprisonment violates the fundamental humans rights. During her own enslavement, Poland experienced a great deal of solidarity from the free nations of the world. It is our moral duty to support the pro-freedom aspirations in Cuba.

This appeal, with the list of signatories attached, shall be handed over to an officer of the Cuban Embassy in Warsaw, with a request for it to be submitted to President Fidel Castro.

Please see Dillon Hillas's post for details on this effort.

(Link via Instapundit)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like the blogger in Poland neglected to point out that most of these efforts in Eastern Europe are funded by US agencies and/or non-profits, which all get taxpayer dollars.

Not that I am against the free world winning the war of ideas, but some honesty from all these NED/USAID/etc. groups would be nice.

Many of these same signers in Poland are connected with the People in Need Foundation, in Prague, which has received grants from the NED, Freedom House, the Center for a Free Cuba, and other Cuba-related US groups.

When asked to explain the details of these grants, inquirers are met with silence, or told to get a FOIA request.

So, the Fidelistas in Cuba are 50% right when they get upset about these ties to Congressionally-funded efforts to win the battle of opinion over Cuba.

It is a sham and a shame when a representative democracy votes to fund principled programs, and then turns around lets buraucrats use shell games and "intelligence" laws to hide the money trail for funding the ideas which they claim to believe in.

Walter Skold

7:27 AM  

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