Friday, October 19, 2007

Islam vs. Islamists

This Saturday, at 9:00 PM EDT, Fox News Channel will be showing the documentary Islam vs. Islamists. Originally made as part of PBS's America at a Crossroads series, Islam vs. Islamists documents the struggle faced by moderate and reformist Muslims who wish to speak out against Islamist violence and intolerance. The film became the center of controversy earlier this year after PBS refused to air it. The Fox News showing is the first time the documentary will be shown in its entirety to a national audience.


Anonymous A retired AFIO Life Member said...

Well, we watched it. Both of us are familiar with the problem.

Unfortunately, Fox News proceeded to make a simple-minded program out of what should have been a riveting documentary of the Muslims who want to establish the Caliphate and to place the world under the shira.

Commercials and insipid anouncers were in full voice.

I hope that the guts of the program somehow will be available on DVD, without the Fox Mews"interperatations" and commercials.

12:13 AM  

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