Saturday, July 07, 2007

"This is partisanship, not neutrality."

Congratulations to Norma at Collecting my Thoughts, who earned a Red State link for this post on the Progressive Librarians' Guild's plan to join forces with a new radical left coalition called the United States Social Forum. Courtesy of Norma's post, this link from the USSF site gives a wonderfully jargon-laden description of what "progressive" librarianship is about:

The Progressive Librarians Guild was established in 1990 with the recognition that the development of public libraries was initially spurred by popular sentiment which for one reason or another held that real democracy requires an enlightened citizenry, and that society should provide all people with the means for free intellectual development. Current trends in librarianship, however, assert that the library is merely a neutral institutional mediator in the information marketplace and a facilitator of a value-neutral information society of atomized information consumers. A progressive librarianship demands the recognition of the idea that libraries for the people has been one of the principal anchors of an extended free public sphere which makes an independent democratic civil society possible, something which must be defended and extended. This is partisanship, not neutrality...

(Emphasis added-DD)

Forget the jargon, that last sentence says it all.


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