Thursday, May 24, 2007

Irony@Your Library

Freadom has a great post on the absurd goings on at this year's Princeton (Public Library) Human Rights Film Festival. The highlight of this year's event was a film called Salud, a ridiculous, one-sided paean to Cuba's health system. Yes, an American library, in the name of "human rights", showed a film in praise of a regime that burns books.

Unfortunately, this seems to be par for the course for the Princeton Film Festival. Also featured on this year's bill was a salute to those heroic persecuted dissidents, the Dixie Chicks. Previous years have featured numerous films on the evils of corporations and the American criminal justice system. Films about the atrocities of radical Islamism, the genocidal acts of Saddam Hussein, or the crimes of leftist/Marxist regimes are nowhere to be found on the schedule. Apparently, such topics must fall outside the scope of "human rights", as defined by the event's organizers.


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