Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Speak Bird, Speak Again

Speak Bird, Speak Again, is the title of the book banned from Palestinian school libraries by Hamas. The book is a collection of Palestinian folklore. According to Pierre Akel, "(t)he Hamas minister of education claims the book (in its arabic translation) is «full of sexual expressions». He is probably referring to five tales alluding to «sexual awakening and courtship»". Akel provides a summary of these five stories at Middle East Transparent.

It would be nice if American librarians could make this incident at least as much of a cause celebre as they did The Higher Power of Lucky kerfuffle.


Blogger FreadomistaW said...

Strange how some truth is fiction for the leading piggies on the Library Farm...

I'd say there is a zero to 6% chance out of a hundred that this story will get noticed like the scrotum "crisis." And, if I am right, that would show that some truths are so inconvenient for US lefties that ignoring them is the only way to respond. I'f I'm wrong, well, that would make me happy.

I bet you'll hear the line, used with re: Cuba, "O, Palestine is not within our area of geographical concern as US librarians...that is for IFLA to deal with; we must focus on US intellectual crimes."

Funny how when the intellectual criminal is someone or some nation on the hit list of the international left, these excuses fall by the wayside, and the appropriate outrage is the order of the day.

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