Saturday, December 30, 2006

Islamists and Double Standards

According to the Arab News, an English language publication based in Saudi Arabia, a Saudi-based Islamic organization wants to use lawsuits and other legal methods to censor those who criticize Islam and the Prophet Mohammed (link courtesy of Jihad Watch):

A two-day conference organized by the Makkah-based Muslim World League yesterday called for a consultative commission in order to take legal action against those who abuse Islam and its Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Islamic sanctities, at local and international courts of justice, the Saudi Press Agency said.

The conference titled “In Defense of the Prophet” called upon Islamic countries and governments to stand united to defend the Islamic faith and its Prophet. It denounced the smear campaigns to tarnish the image of the Prophet and urged Muslims to make all-out efforts to project the true picture of Islam and the great divine teachings of the Prophet.

The article goes on to explain the plans of the MWL in greater detail:

MWL Secretary-General Abdullah Al-Turki said the attack on the Prophet was an expression of enmity toward Islam.

“The whole Muslim Ummah, including its leadership, scholars and ordinary people was outraged by such attacks and this again shows the lofty position the Prophet has in their hearts,” he said in reference to the Muslim response to cartoons depicting the Prophet.

MWL plans to launch an international program to introduce the Prophet and the conference called for setting up a fund to support the program. “The anti-Islam campaign also intends to trigger a cultural conflict between the Islamic world and the West and create a situation of clash and conflict in place of dialogue and peaceful coexistence,” the MWL chief said.

Well, "dialogue and peaceful coexistence" certainly sound good. However, as in the case of Iran's regime, we should probably compare MWL's words with its actions.

The MWL was founded in 1962, and is funded by the Saudi government in order to spread its preferred form of radical Islamism, known as Wahhabism. Yes, the same Saudi government that sponsors "defamation" and outright hatred of Christians, Jews, and other "infidels". In fact, according to the U.S. State Department, "(f)reedom of religion does not exist" in Saudi Arabia.

As for the MWL, it has played an integral role in the worldwide growth of Islamist extremism, and has been linked to funding of jihadist terrorism.

Somehow, I suspect the efforts of the MWL to censor critics of Islam are motivated by anything but a desire for "dialogue and peaceful coexistence".


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