Monday, November 20, 2006

One of the Bad Guys

ALA luminary John Berry has started blogging, and has kindly included me on his list of "bad guys":

In the interest of knowing what they think, and what we’re up against, I want to tell you I read quite a few bad guys. I try to be “fair and balanced” (like a Fox staffer). The one that sends me away sputtering in anger most is usually Greg McClay’s SHUSH. I don’t mind the gentler but still far right and anonymous Annoyed Librarian, or even Jack Stephens’ Conservator, although Jack can push me to react, and I miss arguing with him on ALA’s IFFORUM. Heretical Librarian, and Walter Skold’s Freadom are others, but enough about these right wingnuts. There are many more, and as they post stuff about which I want to comment, you’ll get links. The right wing in librarianship is getting noisier now that blogs and other electric stuff have become so commonplace, and even if it may not really be growing.

"(R)ight wingnuts"? Please! I prefer Neocon Fascist Warmonger, thank you very much. I guess I'll have to start wearing black now that I'm one of the bad guys. The most disappointing thing, though, is that he chose McClay as setting the standard. How come I don't make him sputter the most? Clearly, I'm going to have to raise my game.

Update: Fellow bad guys Walter Skold and Annoyed Librarian weigh in with their thoughts.


Blogger FreadomistaW said...

Mr. Berry: attach chichuahua

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Milla Kette said...

Omigod! So, the ALA like does everything to get rid of "these right wingnuts" and then its members like "miss arguing with" the very same "right wingnuts?! And how dare our side like get "noisier"?! Like totally inconvenient!

These guys are unbelievable! One has to read to understand and believe their fascist ideology!

10:35 AM  

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