Friday, November 10, 2006

"Libel Tourism" in Action

No sooner did I finish this post on "Libel Tourism" and one Khalid Bin Mahfouz, then I saw the following on LISNews:

An Anonymous Patron writes "The November 4-10, 2006 issue of The Economist has printed a full-page apology (p.47) by Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie, authors of "Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban secret oil diplomacy and the failed hunt for Bin Laden", c2002. This title is held by over 900 U.S. libraries. The authors are retracting "...very serious and highly defamatory allegations about Sheikh Khalid Bin Mahfouz and Sheikh Abdulrahman Bin Mahfouz, alleging support for terrorism through their businesses, families and charities..." Brisard and Dasquie further state "...(W)e accept and acknowledge that all of those allegations about you and your families, businesses and charities are entirely and manifestly false."

What are U.S. libraries doing with their copies of this title?

Full text of apology at:"

(Emphasis added-DD)

Sheikh Bin Mahfouz has certainly been busy. To be fair, Forbidden Truth is hardly the most credible source. It is chock full of conspiracy theories about pipelines and how the US provoked the 9/11 attack. The "voltairenet" web site where the authors' statement is posted is a cesspool of 9/11 denial. Still, for all my misgivings about these particular authors, this is yet another example of how Bin Mahfouz has exploited libel law to silence his critics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the all time biggest conspiracy deals with libertarian think tanks such as CEI and NFIB and their mouthpiece magazine Reason. These people are neocons of the worst stripe right up there with Bush, Rumsfeld, and Condo Rice.

You see every time one of their lead muckraking journalists, John Berlau, gets exposed for his ongoing jihad against prostitutes who runs to defend him, Andrew Langer of Liberty Blog notoriety. Langer is an ex CEI guy and Berlau writes for Reason for a few dollars every now and again.

Rumor has it both Berlau and Langer made romantic overtures to CEI's Brooke Oberwetter and Julie DeFalco and got seriously rejected. That's what set them off on this sex thing.

And if you want final proof of the neocon thing just ask why CEI takes so much money from Exxon and why their global warming expert, Myron Ebell, himself gets such big consulting fees from Exxon and Baker-Botts.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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