Monday, October 02, 2006

YA Books About Cuba

Freadom has announced a new awareness service for discovering children's and young adult resources about Cuba:

Two new book review and online discussion groups
have been launched for teachers and students that will highlight the best
books and resources on Cuba for young people.

"As a way to celebrate banned books weeks all year we are proud to lauch
both Cuba4Kids and YACUBA," said Walter Skold, the co-chair of FREADOM,
the library group which is sponsoring the new project.

"In light of the legal and social battles in Florida recently over several
books for children, it is important that parents and educators know what
kind of quality -- and substandard -- publications are available," said
Skold,"And to have an open forum where these resources can be discussed."

"We agree with the position of the Florida ACLU that the answer to
inferior books is more and better books, not banning," he added.

Please see the original message for more information.


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