Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Passing the Test

David French writes for National Review Online about his decision to join the Army Reserve at 36. It's pretty obvious why I'm linking to this one, but this passage in particular speaks far more eloquently than I could about why I made a similar decision:

Everywhere I went (especially on campus), the war in Iraq was the hot topic. Casualties mounted and our unity faded into a quaint memory of 9/11 telethons and Congressional singalongs. Whenever someone asked me my opinion, I always said the same thing: “This is a test of our national character. Do we have the courage to engage in a long war against an enemy that seeks not just to kill us but to undermine our will to fight?”

And then last summer I read about the Army’s recruiting shortfalls and thought to myself, we’re failing the test. But as soon as those words crossed my mind, I felt convicted. We are not failing the test. I am failing the test. National will is a reflection of millions of individual choices, and the choice I had made to this point was to simply stand aside and lament others’ decisions. But that was no longer enough. And so then, finally, I joined.

Please read it all:

“Dad, What Did You Do in the War?”


Blogger Maggie45 said...

Now I have another favorite David. Two MEN who walk their talk. Thank you!

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