Sunday, May 07, 2006

More on Comedy Central's Capitulation

Allow me to leave you for the weekend with a link to a great Weekly Standard article by Duncan Currie. In his piece, Currie discusses the recent South Park episodes that dealt with the Danish cartoon controversy, and Comedy Central's cowardly refusal to allow a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed to be shown there:

"EVER SINCE THOSE CARTOONS in Denmark, the rules have changed. Nobody shows an image of Muhammad anymore." When a character on the animated TV show South Park made that avowal a few weeks ago, he could easily have been speaking for media outlets across Europe and North America. This past winter's Cartoon Jihad occasioned far fewer robust defenses of press freedom than it did craven surrenders to the threats of radicals. Now, even South Park, Comedy Central's irreverent powerhouse, has felt the backlash.

The Cartoon Wars are Over

Whether you like South Park or not, you have to applaud Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their willingness to stand up against censorship.


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