Monday, January 02, 2006

The Truth About Cuba

Courtesy of John J. Miller at the Corner, here's a link to a vitally important project called the Cuba Archive. According to their web site:

The Cuba Archive is developing and maintaining a record of the loss of life that is comprehensive as well as systematically expanded and updated. Independent efforts undertaken to date, though valuable, have mostly addressed a particular event or period in time, are not being updated, lack data needed for verification, and/or have not gathered archival evidence.

The Archive encompasses events onwards from March 10, 1952, date of Batista's suspension of democratic constitutional rule in Cuba and covers actions taking place inside or outside the island, and affecting Cubans and non-Cubans alike.

The site offers evidence of the numerous atrocities committed by the Castro dictatorship. According to Mary Anastasia O'Grady, the project has documented over 9,000 murders (link in PDF) committed by the regime.

The Cuba Archive is a vital resource for preserving the truth about Fidel Castro's Caribbean Gulag.


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