Monday, November 21, 2005

"But this is happening in Europe"

Courtesy of LGF, here's another excellent article, this time from The Australian, on the climate of fear that radical Islamists have managed to impose in the Netherlands:

At Leiden University law school, professor Afshin Ellian, an Iranian refugee who has called for reform of Islam and even suggested that comedians should make jokes about it, is hustled through the electronically locked doors to his office by two bodyguards.

"In The Netherlands, terrorists want to threaten not only the public ... they also want to kill public figures, such as artists, academics and politicians," he said. "It is not special in terms of Islam -- in Iran, it is normal to kill people who criticise Islam, as in Egypt and Iraq. It is legitimised by Islamic political theology, which says it is all right to kill someone if they are an enemy of Allah. But this is happening in Europe."

Muslim Fanatics Terrorise a Nation

Many have questioned whether the jihadists really do hate the freedoms inherent in liberal western democracy. One need only look at what is happening in the Netherlands for an answer.


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