Thursday, October 20, 2005

This Sounds Familiar

Columnist John Tierney recently wondered why academia is so strongly left of center. The responses he received sound eerily like some of the arguments voiced in response to my article about librarianship:

I am in debt to liberal scholars across America. After I wrote about the leftward tilt on campus, they sent me treatises explaining that the shortage of conservatives on faculties is not a result of bias. Professors helpfully offered other theories why conservatives do not grace the halls of academe:

1 Conservatives do not value knowledge for its own sake.

2 Conservatives do not care about the social good.

3 Conservatives are too greedy to work for professors' wages.

4 Conservatives are too dumb to get tenure.

I've studied these theories as best I could (for a conservative), but somehow I can't shake the notion that there just might be some bias on campus.

(link courtesy of Powerline)


Anonymous Ed Merwin, Jr. said...

I shudder to think that we have supposedly intelligent professors teaching our children, grandchildren, etc, while holding such narrow, uninformed, potentially biggoted, atitudes such as those expressed in the numbered points.

12:05 PM  

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