Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Final Roundup

Today brings the last installment of Arthur Chrenkoff's invaluable "good news from Iraq" updates:

It has been almost a year and a half since I first started compiling the often under-reported and overlooked stories of positive developments in Iraq and, later, Afghanistan. Now I must say goodbye.

I have no doubt that good news will continue to come out of the Middle East and Central Asia, but a change in my work circumstances unfortunately prevents me from chronicling it in the future. The trend has been set, however, and I'm sure others will rise to the task of filling the news void and redressing the media's negativity.

Big thanks go to James Taranto, editor of this Web site, who alone in the mainstream media had the courage, imagination and foresight to provide a regular forum for the good news. Big thanks also to all the readers for your support and encouragement.

I do not know how Iraq and Afghanistan will look in five or 10 years, but I hope for the best. If, despite the horrendous problems and the enormous challenges, both countries manage to make it through and join the international family of normal, decent and peaceful nations, it will be all due to the amazing spirit and commitment of the majority of their people, and to the crucial help of the coalition members, their soldiers and their citizens. If that does indeed happen, many will wonder just exactly how these two countries, seemingly only in the news when the blood flows, have ever managed to get there. But you, having read these roundups, will not be surprised.

So here's another two weeks' worth of stories from Iraq that the great majority of news consumers won't hear.

Taking My Leave

Also offered for your perusal is Arthur's previous biweekly Iraq update, from August 30, which I neglected to link to previously:

Major's Frustration

Arthur has compiled a full list of his Iraq and Afghanistan "good news" updates on his blog. These roundups have proven to be an incredible resource for keeping up with the progress that the elite media has chosen not to discuss. I would like to thank Arthur for all the time and effort he has put into producing these updates, and wish him well in his new position.

Fortunately, a new site called Good News from the Front has been created to continue what Arthur has started. Rest assured that I'll be adding it to my list of links.


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